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Bryan Barton

New Website Matches Volunteers with Competitive Congressional Races in Their Community

Sacramento- Conservative Political Action Committee 40 Seats has set up a website www.40seats.com that matches concerned pocket option citizens with local campaigns against vulnerable incumbents.

Although there are 435 seats up for election in November only a fraction of those seats are considered “in play.” 

The “in play” seats are typically only known by consultants and political insiders… but not this year.   40seats.com displays all the competitive seats in an easy to navigate map.  It also has custom software that matches people with targeted districts by simply typing in a zip code.

After a concerned citizen finds the district in their area, they decide how they would like to help: make pocket option download for windows 10 phone calls, walk precincts, have a BBQ with their neighbors,

or simply put a sign in their yard.

“This type of geo-mapping technology has been out for a while, but to our knowledge, has never been applied to the political realm.” said Dave Dodds the lead web developer at 40 seats.

40 seats is a unique PAC as its focus is on raising volunteers as opposed to only raising money.

“40seats.com is for anyone that is fed up with Nancy Pelosi and her allies, and would like to get active in their community in order to really make a difference in Washington.”  said 40 seats founder Bryan Barton.  

To see pocket option copy trading which districts are "in play" peruse the map at www.40seats.com.


For more information visit www.40seats.com.


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