Problem - Liberal's Control Our Government

nancy_pelosi bossyDemocrat control of both Houses of Congress pocket option and the Presidency has brought you:

The $787 Billion "Stimulus" Bill


The $700 Billion Bank Bailout

The $14 Billion Auto Bailout

Cap & Trade

Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House

An Increase National Debt Ceiling by $1.9 Trillion

A Congress that votes with Union Bosses  

A Congress the votes against Taxpayers


Solution - Take Back Congress

40 seats logoWe can win back the House by winning 40 Seats in this pocket option opinioni fall's election and you can help. 

Sign up to volunteer and we'll connect you with a critcal Congressional campaign close to you. 

Put a bumper sticker on your car.  Man a phone bank.  Spend a day or two walking precincts and talking to your fellow citizens.  Donate.

If we all do a little, a lot gets done bonus pocket option .

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